The Brand

Inspired by mother and grandmother, Colombian designer Anamaria Vélez brings to life a brand “For A Wiser Audience” with timelessness, elegance and functionality as core pillars. 

With an inclusivity mindset, AV caters to a mature demographic, by bringing forth an authentic and researched-backed sizing proposal. 

Impeccably handmade in Cartagena, AV is a socially oriented company for and by unique and incredible women, who know what they want. 

The Fit

The unprecedented fit proposal is brought to life based on a study, designed and conducted by us. The study consisted on the female body and how it changes over time.

Our goal: Bring to market garments with sizing and fit for the silver female shopper. Keeping a contemporary and elevated design is one of our priorities. We identified key aspects and proportions of the female body dusting the wiser years, and designed a sizing proposal to go hand in hand.

You will find our sizing ranges from A to F. Our fit is very generous in proportions as well.

The Woman

Creative, hard working millennial that is a firm believer in learning from others, creating value, bringing forth positive changes to the world.

And will listen to anyone passionate enough.